Make Life More Fun Tip #6: Memorize A Song That Is Completely Out Of Character

Do you have a favourite song? Do you now all the words to it? Perfectly?

Sing it. Sing it right now.

I mean if you’re alone then no biggie right? Just a dude, chilling, singing a song. Always a good time. But if you’re at work or school or any other crowded place? Even better. You get a chance to showcase your talents, which include a great singing voice, or at the very least the capability to memorize song lyrics. It’s awesome and a lot of fun.

Sure there will be those people who think you’re crazy, but seriously, fuck ’em. If they can’t enjoy free music then they’re not worth your time. You’re better than them. You made the junior varsity football team in high school. You rank in the top 10000 for NHL 2K11 multiplayer. Charlie Sheen retweeted something you wrote on Twitter. And you know all the ticking words to Crazy Train.

So sing it loud and sing it proud, you champion. You have your song. You know it by heart. Now go and tell the world.


This tip was originally “memorize a song that’s completely out of character” I thought of it when I was watching My Name Is Earl and they played this montage of Ethan Suplee’s character Randy after being dumped. I’m not going to ruin it, just take a gander:

Then there’s this clip from a different episode:

PS My Name Is Earl is a better show than you give it credit for, dick

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