Make Life More Fun Tip #7: Be the Fan Who Runs Out Onto the Field

Now here at (officially referred to as MLMF from here on), we do NOT condone criminal behaviour. Our motto essentially says that if you have fun doing something you should do it; no shame, no judgement, just do your thang. The exception to our motto is any criminal activity. Have fun doing what you love, but not if it’s grand larceny or murder. That’s not cool.

A big part of our motto, which is probably not stated outright, is that while you’re having fun, hopefully others will be having fun too. Hence the title of the website, you will making life more fun for everyone.

Now putting these two thoughts together, I think the only minor disturbance and/or lawbreaking we wi condone, is that of the idiot sports fan. Yesterday at the Blue Jays game some a guy ran onto the field. My immediate reaction: HELL YEAH!

Now I’m an idiot myself, so when a fellow brother partakes in general public idiocy, I applaud his efforts. What I didn’t expect was the standing ovation, wolf whistles, and generally a better reception than Jose Bautista got all day. It was awesome.

The Jays were winning, the dome was open, the beer was flowing, and to top it all off, some guy ran from the first base line to the third base line to, just to get tackled by three security guards. Amazing.

Kudos to you sir. May you always be a shining light to all sporting fans. Don’t drop the soap!


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