Without Music, Life is a Journey Through a Desert – Pat Conroy

“Without music, life is a journey through a desert” – Pat Conroy (Authour)

I heard or read this quote a long time ago and it’s always stuck with me.

There’s this incredible power that music has. It can calm you down, pump you up, take you in, knock you out. It pairs well with wine, and it’s just great with beer. It can bring people together; it’s torn some bands apart (although that could have been caused by money issues). You hear it when you find love; you drown yourself in it when you lose love. It’s a very powerful thing.

Today I finished class, went to Best Buy, had a cigarette, and then thought “now what?”. I couldn’t decide from one option to another. But the decision between music or no music was a non-issue. I just popped my earphones in and started going. Where was I going? It didn’t really matter. If you’ve got some good music in your pocket (which is literally possible these days), you can go anywhere. Eventually, you’ll get there.

I didn’t go very far. I found a seat and started typing. But cycling through the various drafts of posts I have yet to publish, this is the only one I wanted to write. I think after five “Tips” which read like conversations with an idiot, it’s time to publish something that isn’t utterly ridiculous.

So grab your iPhone, pop in your white earbuds, and play your favorite song. Take the 3-5 minutes for yourself. (7:47 if you’re listening to Foreplay/Longtime). If your boss or your mom gives you a hard time for taking a short break from work, just quote some Pat Conroy and close your eyes.

Cause the hippies are right:
It’s about the music, man.

Front cover image: http://weathersavvy.com/Q-Climate_Deserts1.html

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