Make Life More Fun Tip #2: Use Words Inappropriately

This tip can easily be titled as “talk funny”, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that yoiu are concious of your inappropriate word choice.

Also, I’m using the term “inappropriate” to describe a word that doesn’t correctly fit into a sentence, most likely due to grammatical error or the fact that the word doesn’t really exist. Nevertheless, the term “inappropriate word” does NOT mean a swear word, a curse word, or any other word your mother with scold you for. You should be using those words on a daily basis already and shouldn’t need the a website to tell you so, even if it’s the greatest website ever created in the history of time. (Suck it Google, Wikipedia, and IMDB!)

As I was saying, talking funny is fun. Just now, when I typed “taking funny”, I totally said it “talkin'”. Because it’s fun. Totally fun.

So it can be as simple as saying the word “irregardless” instead of regardless”. It can be as simple as saying “wicked smaht” instead of “wicked smart”. It’s your choice, but here are some guidelines:

1. Make it your own

Movie and TV quotes are by no means off limits, but you want it to sound natural. There shouldn’t be a moment where you wait for someone to realize you’re talking like Forrest Gump. It should sound like you being you, just talking funny. And if someone does realize you’re referencing a movie or TV show, just say something like: “Yeah that’s where it’s from, but I like saying it”.

2. Don’t use it to death:

Whatever you’re saying, however you’re saying it, you shouldn’t be saying it 15 times in 5 minutes. Again, you want it to sound natural. It makes it funnier if you just slip it in once in a while, so check yourself before you riggity wreck yourself. Plus your friends won’t hate you as much if you don’t sound like a dumbass one-track Speak and Say.

*Disclaimer: This inspiration borders on potty talk. If you are easily shocked by the word “urine” or faint at the mention of bodily functions, you should probably skip it.

The inspiration for this tip is actually not taken from a movie or TV show, but something I find myself doing on a frequent basis. Aside from being super-awesome, I’m just a regular person like everyone else. I eat, I sleep, and on occasion, I go to the bathroom. What concerns me from time to time is how to excuse myself from situations when nature calls. It may be polite not to say anything too specific and just excuse myself. But there’s also a realization factor. I need to recognize the urge to go to the bathroom. And if that happens, I’m not usually thinking “I gotta pee” or “I gotta piss”. I usually think “I gotta urine”.

What you’ve probably noticed is that “urine” is a noun, and not a verb. The verb form is “urinate”. I have in fact used the word inappropriately (wink). Why? Two reasons:

1) I’m so lazy I don’t even want to think about an extra syllable.

2) It’s fun.

Nuff’ said? Nuff’ said.

I’m gonna go urine.

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